As you may know, quartz worktops may be the focal point of your kitchen. It can become the main attraction in this food preparation space. The worktop can also become one of the busiest elements in your home, so you may want to learn as much about quartz or find out what makes it different from other materials like granite. Check out the following.

A Worktop, Granite or Quartz Is a Lifetime Investment

You should know that both of these materials are perfect for avid cooks because their surfaces are really durable and lasting. You cannot easily destroy the material because it’s durable. If you’re looking for an indestructible worktop, you may opt for either granite or quartz material.

Quartz is great to homeowners who have a modern kitchen because they can match with the overall design and theme of contemporary kitchen due to their appearance and shimmer.

In addition, both quartz and granite are great choices due to their heat proof, scratch resistant and antibacterial properties. If you’re looking for non-porous materials that can resist germs such as bacteria, then you may opt for quartz. Of course, you can also choose granite because there are slab options available that can be seamless.

On the other hand, granite worktops come on traditional colors such as white and gold. For many customers, they choose traditional worktop color, but some of them opt for lighter shades when they want random veining.

If you’re looking for a worthwhile investment for your space, then you may want to choose from either the two, but still you have to study your options well before placing an order. In terms of features, both materials are great for their durable properties. If you have a contemporary home, a quartz option for worktops may work well for you. If you opt for quartz worktops, compare several fitters to find the best deals.